About me

Who am I?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my space engineers blog, my name is Nino, I’m from a beautiful small country named Croatia and I’m 22 years old. I am a computer engineering student and I am a very creative person. Being said that it’s no wonder i play Space Engineers.

When I was younger i used to sail in dinghy sailboats, especially Optimist while I was really young and after that the Laser (4.7, Radial and Standard). After starting the college i stopped doing competitive sailing and i started coaching younger generations and teaching them how to sail.

Also it is important to mention that I am also a magician, yes a magician and I do magic tricks, both the ones for kids and adults. My magic arsenal mostly consists of card tricks so my magic is usually very close up, but I do have some coin and ring tricks I love performing.

A picture of me

How I started playing Space Engineers

I saw the game on youtube and I was completely amazed by it. Always playing games where my creativity couldn’t reach it’s full potential I was always seeking for new games to play so I played: War Rock, Call of Duty 4, World of  Warcraft, APB: Reloaded, and many more…But this game got my heart, I fell in love with it. So now I am usually only playing Space Engineers, at the moment I have 700 hours of game-play in Space Engineers.
My in-game experience went to the whole new level when I joined my current faction KNS, the Khaordum Navy which of I am a proud member.


So to contact me you can use any of the below methods, and feel free to ask me anything you like, I will be my pleasure to answer you.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Pozdrav,

    Ukratko – 39 godina, na igrama još od davnog spectruma, krenuo sam u ovu odiseju Space Engineers-a nedavno i…odusevio se. Mehanici igre se jos ucim, napravio sam svoje prve uratke, no daleko od ovoga sto ti izvodis…svaka cast btw ;). Zanima me ovaj tvoj komentar za “New level” iskustvo, tj koja je uopce fora s prikljucivanjem u KNS – serveri, pvp, building sto?

    Ako imas koji tip/tutorial za pocetnike, radim trenutno van Hrvatske, pa eto imam vremena malo i dubiti po igrama nakon dugo vremena…

    Inace zivim u ZG-u, zena djeca, ful paket, radim inace u MSAN-u (distributerska tvrtka), nemam niti jedan profil na socijalnim mrezama osim na Linkedin-u – pa samo mail jel… (Facebook mi je oteo jarane)

    Pozdrav iz Skopja


    PS – još i magionicar… Cro Dynamo 😉

    • Pozdrav,

      Drago mi je da nas još ima hehe, nadam se da ćeš brzo pohvatati osnove jer je igra stvarno zabavna kada upoznaš sve njene mogućnosti! KNS trenutno ne djeluje baš, ali zato igramo pod imenom DSC (Dead Science) na Plains of Elysium serveru, ip: slobodno se pridruži 😀

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