How to: Attack Drones part II NAN/5 (10)

Hello guys, welcome to the part 2 of the attack drone series if you haven’t already, read the How to: Attack Drones part I where we discuss the basics of the attack/patrol drone. In this part we will cover some basic ways to make a drone attack someone and even some advanced ones!

Making the Drone Stop to Shoot the Enemy

In the most recent patch autopilot essentially broke so we will just ignore that our drone isn’t moving and/or patrolling. Also this post will be slightly shorter because of that but I will compensate for that in the next one, I apologize.

How to make the drone stop it’s patrolling duty and dedicate towards shooting down the enemy when it sees it? Basically there’s one very simple way to do this, the sensors. Sensors provide you with the ability to sense different objects in-game and assign certain actions to them.

In the images above you can see the position and the basic settings you need to do to the sensor to make it detect enemy objects.

So next you will want to make that sensor block do something in other words trigger an action, in this context we want it to stop the auto pilot when it detects an enemy, and we want it to resume the autopilot once the enemy is no longer in the sensor range. Bear in mind the current in-game maximum sensor range is 50m in all 6 directions as you can see on the picture above.

 By clicking Setup Actions in the sensor menu you will open up an interface like this. There are 2 slots on the bottom which you will assign with actions necessary to get the job done. The slot on the left is triggered when the sensor is active, in our case when it sees an enemy, the right one when it is not sensing anything.

Simple action like stopping the autopilot can be done by assigning simple actions, in our case we make the autopilot turn off when it sees an enemy and turn it back on when the enemy disappears.

Further Developing the Drone

For further development/next post we will make the drone follow the enemy until of them dies/sensor stops seeing the entity and than return back to patrolling or return back to hangar for repairs, refuel and ammo refill.

We will also assign further more complicated actions to our drone, like broadcasting long range antenna message and so on upon enemy contact. That’s it for this one, see you again in the next post, gFleka!

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5 thoughts on “How to: Attack Drones part II

  1. The auto pilot bug was recently fixed with that latest patch making patrol drones once again relevant love your tutorial keep it up

  2. Hey mate, just wanted to say that u make some awesome instructions 😀 could you please make some more Drone instructions? It would be so f*cking cool 😀

    • Hi, no problem, I haven’t really played in a while but I’m just about to start playing again! Hope to see you ingame too. 🙂

  3. Great tutorial! Please make the 3 part of it about “follow the enemy” and more complicated commands.

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