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Over here you can find all of my space engineers creations, as well as my work in progress ships, stations and cool mechanisms i like to build.

Click on the headings to read more about each creation.

Auto Follow Drone

Drone automatically following your every “step”. First ever fully working following drone after the sensor patch.
It uses 5 gyroscopes and 5 sensors to acomplish the following effect.

Force field door

Doors working on the principle of null zones and gravity generators. The ejected ore is being held in place by 2 gravity generators.

The doors can be quickly flushed by using 3rd gravity generator and an array of collectors.


Remote detonation nuke

A remotely detonated nuke, it is currently outdated, as stacking explosives no longer yelds bigger explosion radius. It is still cool to enjoy the explosion radius.

The piston both welds and destroys the warhead at the same time.

Firetaker: Decoy Launcher

Firetaker launches small decoy blocks at the enemy at your desired speed to keep the turrets busy while you take out their ship.

The system is powered by triggering piston and a door opening piston. In conclusion a very simple solution to launching a high number of decoys.

Dragon’s breath: Turret armor

This is a turret armor made out of small ship blocks, connected to the big ship via connector ( can also be done with rotor “bug”, big to small ). The armor is placed first than the turret with connector is pushed inside.

The armor resembles dragon’s head and opens up as jaws 😀
To open it up just reverse the Turret 1 Open/Close and remember to turn it off, otherwise it might break due to some weird shaking taking place.

Hover Racers

Hoover racers use gravity fields to keep the hovercrafts at exact distance from the track. The track itself is equipped with the starting procedure which lets all the racers start at the same time. The track is equpped with a lot of traps, firstly the flying stones trap, than warheads and finally the sticky trap! Also the track has speeding up parts that are marked with black and yellow arrows which give you an edge over others who don’t fly over them. The map has 6 colored racers which can be further copy pasted if needed.

Solar Sailboat

Solar sailboat with working sails and rudder. The sails are positioning themselves towards the sun so they always catch solar wind. The rudder works like in a real sailboat. The interior is quite compact, but this baby has everything you need for a solar sailboat vocation with your family.

Solar Sailboat












Trojka: Technologically advanced carrier

Trojka is a prototype carrier developed in Russia. Trojka uses gravity wings concept which brings space engineers to a whole new level. The Carrier’s doors open up and float next to the ship. This thing has place for 16 fighters/bombers or even more if you cram them inside 4 huge hangars.
The ship is also equipped with a gravity drive, an escape pod, entrance sealing, medbay, assembler, rafinery, mess hall, sleeping quarters and much more.

Eco: Solar powered gravity cruiser

This is one of my first ever creations in space engineers, this ship is really ancient but it still is viable. It was constructed before the Artificial Mass blocks so it has a stone in the middle of the ship connected to landing gears which than propels the ship forward. It can run on the solar panels only (no need for generators), and as this was way before the batteries this thing could be updated with a pair of batteries to allow it to safely navigate through space. Besides being 100% ecological this thing was pretty nice for when it was build.

Eco: Solar powered gravity cruiser


That’s it for now, expect this page to be updated with my newest creations as they come in the game.

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