Are You the Fastest One? Moon Speeder! NAN/5 (3)

Building a Race Track on the Moon!

Well, long time no see my engineers, for the comeback I’m building something fun! I need something to get me back on my track. I still don’t fully understand all the “new” blocks (can’t yet take full advantage of them). So back to business.

A race on the Moon you say? Well the first thing that gets on my mind is of course the gravity, the gravity is what matters, isn’t it? It’s the biggest force in Space Engineers, next to Marek. So considering the gravity I decided to build something like a  Star Wars speeder. A hoovering racer. Not only that I was going to equip it with various little gadgets. Read on.


Building a Race Ship!

Well our speeder had some main guidelines he had to comply with. The main ones being it needed to be small, agile, fast, easily re-producable, able to fly in moon’s gravity field.

So I decided to go with kind of a modern airplane design with engines at the back and some more thrusters on the “wings”, or better say neycells.

So as I started building  I realised I have turned ON the meteors which made for some interesting events.

First off I see a warning and the next moment I realize the meteor missed my  new baby Speeder by a hair! Wow, that was super close.

Building continues after I added some heavy armor roof to keep my baby alive and kicking. I added some important blocks like remote control, antenna, gyro, timer, sensors, thrusters, etc…

Some Time Later…

I was finally finished! The speeder was finished, with implemented user controlled height control! Height control works like this: There’s 2 sensors, one for up thruster and 1 for down thrust. What happens is 1 sensor makes the thruster turn ON and use override to make the ship “float” in a certain boundaries. Sensors are setup in such a way that the up thruster sensor is “shorter” than the downwards thruster sensor. So as soon as you enter the smaller field the ship goes up, as soon as you exit the thruster turns off and the ship stops. The exact opposite thing happens when you exit the larger field, the downwards thruster’s override turns on and makes the ship go down.

As the picture shows it’s pretty much black/blue. Carrying the Space Engineer colors.

Using the Chair insted of the Cockpit.

Now a small trick I like to use on small ships, use a remote control block along with the chair to cut down on costs and get that simplistic look from a small ship. Obviously you don’t have the protection but neither did Anakin!

Using Pistons as Landing Gears

I actually used pistons grouped together to make the landing easier. This thing can be pretty difficult to land properly thanks to my hoovering height mechanism.

You can see him rise up. He’s cute isn’t he? Anyway, here’s what happened as I was finishing my build.

A Meteor Crushed my Ship!

Better say a meteor destroyed a pillar supporting the heavy armor shield I’ve build to protect my precious ship… Unfortunately the ship got completely crushed, luckily I already took all the screenshots of my work. Also I made a blueprint so don’t you worry.

Next time we are going to make the first portion of the track. Considering the speeder has a certain range of height at which he can fly we can build a “U” profile track that will be enough to contain the racers. Next time we will build some traps for the ships too!
See you soon.

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