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How to have a fun game in Space?

The answer to the question is fairly simple! Build yourself a table game! You probably don’t know a person who didn’t play the

four in a row at least once in their childhood, and some of us even play it now!

Four in a row table game

The game is fairly simple, there is basically a matrix, consisting of 7 columns and  6 rows. Each player places 1 chip per turn at their desired column. The chips are stacked on top of each other (the game table is placed vertically). The winner is the player who is the first to place four chips in a row. Either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. Unlike criss-cross, this game can end with a winner and is really fun to play, as you can really anticipate your opponent, and play with some sort of tactic. You can make “traps” for your opponent, and lure him into placing the chips where you want him to!

Building the game in Space Engineers

Building this thing came to my mind as I was thinking of what to do next in Space Engineers. I was utterly bored, waiting for Xocliw to come online so we can shoot some videos and than a sudden pop in my head! An idea was born, I decided to build this amazing table game, and not only that, I decided to make it fully automatic, hence you only need to press buttons and the thing works!


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Thinking on how to make it automatic

To make the fully automatic four in a row game, you really need some timers! So we have used a lot of those guys on this build. Every column, for every player has it’s own timer block. The timers turn ON the pistons which than lower the chips into the “chamber”. Also they start the count on the corresponding “Stop Timer block” which turns OFF all the timer blocks when you press the button, so you can’t play twice in the same turn.

Gravity madness…again!

So You guys know me…I have to use gravity everywhere I go, so this thing is using a lot of gravity, there’s 2 gravity generators holding the chips in place, 1 gravity generator pushing them slowly forward when they are risen up and than 1 more grav gen pushing then along the column, and 1 grav gen pulling them towards the ground. Gravity imo is the essential part of almost every big mechanical machine in Space Engineers. It is the single feature I’ve played with the most!

Take a look at this amazing game.

Automatic beacons and sensor

The sensor senses when the chip has been loaded into the column and stops all of the pistons from moving. This way I have achieved the exact movement regardless of how many chips there are on the pistons and how they are placed. The beacons indicate which player is to play next. They work in such a way that once the player has pressed the button and the chip lowers, the beacon for the player 2 turns on indicating that he can now play.

Final words

In the next week expect something BIG! Also Xocliw from Xocliw Gaming will be doing a more detailed and high quality video on the Four in a Row game so stay tuned to my blog and his youtuebe channel! See you soon guys!

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