Automated Relay Drone

Automated drone

This is a sneak peak at my newest invention, the automated relay drone. There’s not much things I can say about it as its all still a secret, but you can get this screenshot showing off it’s body. It’s going to be crazy addition to space engineers universe. There’s not much working drones at the moment in space engineers as there’s no programming yet but I guess once programming comes it’s going to be a lot easier to make a drone.

Future drones

I’m planning on making attacking drones, defensive drones, relay drones, all sorts of drones, as they will be a good compensation for the lacking men power. Only 1 thing scares me, the fact that something with them might go wrong and they turn on me and my faction. Better sharpen up on my Java, and C!

Programming ideas for drones

Even now i have some code examples in mind. And I think that’s a good thing, I will be able to program drones more efficiently if I have the code in my head right now! Imagine what could I program when programming comes out.


That’s it for now, gFleka


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