Automatic Decoy Launcher v2

It has been some time since I’ve made my decoy launcher, and recently I wanted to build some more defensive stuff so Decoys came around. Here you will see the Automatic Decoy Launcher in action.

If you haven’t already, take a look at my old Decoy Launcher Post.

Following that I will give a brief explanation  on how it works and how it can be recreated. Here’s the workshop link for the launcher.


How Does it Work?

The Base of the contraption is mounter on a Piston which is used as a propellant for decoys.

After the Piston, the Rotor is placed and on the big ship rotor a small ship rotor head is placed.

Following the rotor a square platform made to push the decoy is placed. There’s also a projector block that’s constantly projecting the small ship decoys. Following that, on top there’s a large small ship conveyor which houses 5 decoy blocks on top.

That Conveyor gets grinded down and the decoy blocks become free floating blocks, independent from the rest of the ship.

After the conveyor is grinded, the piston extends and pushes the decoys. After that the piston retracts, the large conveyor is welded back once again and the decoys on top of him.

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