Black Friday Sale 5/5 (1)

Hello fellow Engineers I’m delighted to inform you that I’ve arranged the Black Friday sale over the coarse of this weekend (27-29) so be Super Fast and grab the goodies for the special prices while you can!


Server Mania at HostaSpace

My dear friends over at HostaSpace were kind enough to provide me with the Special Promotional Discounts for my loyal readers! The discounts include 20% price drop on their famous Space Engineers Servers, including Fleet, Empire and Unlimited server options!

So only on this weekend you can go ahead and use the codes provided here!

Instructions for using this promotion:

  1. Head over to the Game Servers Page
  2. Select The Server Option you find fitting your Engineering needs
  3. Select further options on the initial page
  4. Enter the promotional code BFSEBlog, also you can select Referrer if you wish


    Enjoy your 20% cheaper Space Engineers Server!

Last but not Least

Along with the Space Engineers server hosting I’ve been awarded with the 25% Discount code for the ARK: Survival Evolved servers!

If you would like to redeem the code for the ARK hurry up as the same rules apply, it lasts only this weekend! The code is : BFARK. You may reedem the code on the HostaSpace, the same as with the Space Engineers!

Happy Black Friday fellow engineers! Hope you get some good stuff build over the coarse of this weekend!



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