Changing the skybox

Why did I change my skybox?

Well this is a pretty cool story, my girlfriend decided that for my birthday she’s going to redecorate my pc-room! She has been thinking of many designs, doing crazy combinations and stuff. Everything was top secret. In the end she decided she is going to change the skybox in my room!

Could you imagine my happiness when I found out she is going to paint the whole room black and spray paint the universe on that! A fitting gift for a Space Engineers fan.

Cleaning up the space

My pc-room was like a storage for everything we didn’t know where to put. It was a real pain cleaning it all up, dozens of books, thousands of useless papers, pens, garbage, old school stuff, it was all there waiting to be cleaned…

After cleaning this thing up, we removed all the stuff that was getting in the way, including my pc. Not having my pc in the pc-room was the reason I wasn’t very active in the last week or so, because I don’t really have good spot in my bedroom, it wasn’t really appealing sitting on my bed and being on the pc.

Painting the whole room black

It was time to start painting! We protected some vital parts in the room and started working our way all over. The walls were painted green before so it was fairly easy seeing where we need to paint some more!

After 2 days, hence 2 layers of paint, and a lot of painting, we got this thing done! Everything was black, and ready to get spray painted!

My girlfriend spraying the skybox!

It was time for some spray painting! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help my gf with that because I was working, but she did hell of a good ┬ájob painting this thing!

Some of this things are amazing! Also a note to you guys this is her 1st time using spray!

Finishing touches to the skybox

I haven’t shown you the ceiling yet, because it is still black. I’m waiting for the shiny stars to arrive from Ebay so I can finish my room. It will be amazing, and looking like a real night sky when in the dark.

I can’t wait to completely finish up my room so I can show you some pictures! Expect a finished product soon. And give props to my girlfriend who painted all of this!

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