Drone Carrier Front End

Drone Carrier WIP

Today I resumed my work on my drone carrier. The main issue I had was lack of inspiration, but today some really good ideas started to flow so I let my mind express itself on the front of the carrier. This ship is using a still unpublished system for controlling combat drones, which can give it an edge over other ships as it can operate from safe distance from battlefield and also doesn’t endanger the drone pilots as they are safely seated inside the carrier.

The front of the ship

I’m planning on making some sort of weapon on the front part of the ship and I had some ideas on my mind, like rocket launcher array, manually controllable, gravity cannon, trusther torpedo launching tubes, drone launcher and many more.

Also before doing weapons I had an idea of decorating my big ship using small blocks and making a sort of gothic style Decorations all over the front part of the ship. You can see the before mentioned details mounted on rotors using small>big rotor technique, and you can see how the decals are starting to take shape.

Future plans

I plan on having this ship ready for space engineers workshop and I hope people will like it as I’ve put some effort and a LOT of ideas in it. Expect much more, and never satisfy with what you got!


Your Space Engineer, gFleka.

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