Ever wanted to play Space Engineers? Try it out now for free! 4/5 (1)

This weekend you can join me in Space Engineers!

All of you guys who still don’t own Space Engineers, shame on you by the way, can try it out and get hooked up this weekend for free! I totally suggest you try it out, as chances like this don’t occur often. Also aside from being free this weekend, Space Engineers also has a 40% sale on steam! That is huge, the game costs around 14$ atm, so that is a huge sale for an upcoming game of the year!

Do you already own a copy of SE?

I have some more great news for you! HostASpace the best Space Engineers dedicated server hosting also has a free weekend of dedicated servers! Go ahead and grab their servers for no cost and experience the multiplayer experience like no other. If you like them, be sure to support our blog and your wallet by using the coupon code (SEBlog) to get a 10% discount!


What are you waiting for?

Stop reading this post and go download the Space Engineers from the steam!

Still reading? Take a look at some amazing stuff you can do in this game. Take a look around the blog, you might find some really interesting stuff.

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