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This force field doors are a product of my thinking about shields using spherical gravity generators. While developing those, I saw some recent youtube videos concerning stone ore and gravity, so I decided to make my own door using this force field technique!

The Doors need roughly 300k of ore, any ore will do, but stone is preferred as it is easy to obtain. It uses following components:

  • 3 Gravity generators
  • 18 Connectors
  • 30 Small cargo containers
  • 6 Collectors
  • Antenna
  • Small Reactors

This door should only be used on stations or on static ships as any movement will distort the stones!

Workshop Download Link!

Mechanics behind the force field

The force field is actually made out of 2 gravity fields with the null zone between them, allowing the ore to reside there and keeping all the ore aligned to a single plane. The Gravity generators are 1 block apart and have 4 m height setting.

The connectors shoot out the ore until the whole surface is filled with it. They will automatically add more ore if it is needed. Also they are all conveyored so the ore can be recycled.

Collectors are used to collect the ore once you decide that you want to open up the doors thus remove all the ore. This is accomplished by the use of the 3rd grav gen that is pushing upwards towards the collectors thus pushing the ore into the collectors and opening up the passage.


It is survival friendly if you ask me, is it really cost effective? On the cost side it isn’t cheap but it does look cool and it does what it needs to do, it protects, it is bulletproof, and it deflects missiles. Also turrets won’t auto shoot at it.

Material cost and energy consumption aren’t high, it uses only 250 kW of energy while turned On which is not a lot! Also material wise you need roughly 300k of stone ore, which is really not that hard to get, if you imagine all that stone ore you threw away because it was getting in the way, this is a very good way to make use of all that stone ore!

Operating this thing

To operate this doors successfully here is the manual:

Turning the force field ON

To turn on the force field use the “Turn ON Shield” Control group. It consists of connectors which are preset to collect all and throw out. When Removing the shield first turn this one OFF!

Remove the force field

To remove the field completely, first of course turn OFF the “Turn ON Shield” control group and after done that turn ON the “Remove Shield” control group! This will turn on the gravity generator and the collectors which together act as a vacuum cleaner sucking the stones out of the door!



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