gravity detector

Gravity Detector

About the detector

This Gravity Detector can sense gravitational fields. This can be useful as an alarm system or something similar. Can be implemented on a ship, but it is best used on a station.

How to build one

Basically you need a square box, with gravity generator on each side, 6 in total, and sensor on each side, also 6. Sensors should be set to cover the wall, and around 2 m in front of it. So that when the small ship gets pulled by the gravity it triggers the sensor.

Also Gravity generators should be setup in that way so that they form a null zone field in which the small ship with the artificial mass block should reside. In normal conditions without the gravity the small ship will stay in the null zone, not triggering any sensors.

As for the small ship, it needs an artificial mass block in the center, thruster in every direction, a gyro, and your preferred power source.

That’s it, now you must assign actions to your sensors so that when the small ship gets pushed by the gravity the corresponding sensor turns something ON, for example a light.

cut open, a small ship used as a trigger for detections

The Whole System with the gravity, and sensor fields visible

Only 1 gravity field, and 1 sensor field turned on for simplicity. The bigger one is gravity field.

Currently not working as intended

As you did see in the video it is not working as it should be, and as I had this idea in my mind, and taught it was flawless, looks like sensor bug got in my way. Well sensors did win the battle, but they certainly did not win the war!

I expect the devs will look into this bug and fix it in the next patches so my gravity detector can work flawlessly, until than I will try and overcome this issue!


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