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About the shotgun

This shotgun is inspired by BradPhusion’s gravity video I watched recently. It just gave me so much inspiration that I simply had to make something. And here it is, after creating my force field doors, which went viral, I decided to use the same principle for a shotgun, as many people have asked what would happen if I was to launch the “doors” (read rocks) forward with multiple grav gens. And here’s what happens when you do so!

The Rocks hurl forward at the max speed being pushed by the unstoppable force of 23 gravity generators, and being held in place by 6 more. This thing obliterates heavy armor, and light armor ceases to exist! Jokes aside, damage wise this is just an ordinary gravity cannon, but the mechanics behind it are somewhat different from what you might have seen before.

Gravity in space engineers

Gravity is probably my favourite thing in space engineers, the things I’ve already done and I plan to do with it are completely crazy. For example, this shotgun uses 6 gravity generators carefully holding the ore in place, until it’s fully charged, so that it can fully unload it’s devastating payload of around 50 rocks.

Loading mechanism

Loading is achieved by conveyored connectors who eject the rocks into the null gravity zone. After reaching the maximum number of rocks the connectors cease to eject rocks until there’s more free space. Also the loading mechanism is control grouped and can be accessed by pressing the 1st button on the console.

Firing mechanism

All the firing, forward facing grav gens are control grouped and can be fired (turned ON) by pressing the 2nd button on the console.

Recycling mechanism

If you wish not to fire the ore, you can safely collect it by turning on the 3rd console button which activates the collectors and the gravity generator pushing the ore out of the null gravity zone and into the collectors.

This should be used if you do not wish to fire the ore, but instead save it for later.


You can also find this shotgun on the workshop and try it out for yourself! Check it out on the workshop!

Behind the scenes


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