Hostaspace Celebrates the 1000th Sale! 2.5/5 (2)

Our Partner HostaSpace is Celebrating!

Jump on the hype train! is giving away a 10% for life discount code! Returning costumers have a 15% discount!

If you ever taught of getting your own Space Engineers (or any other space game) server now is the time!

Server Quality

HostaSpace is especially dedicated to increasing the user friendliness and server performance on their side of the game. This resulted in 50+ server 6 months ago, and you can only imagine how far they have gotten since then!

You can read the customer reviews all over the Space Engineers communities!

Final Words

Xocliw and I also have our own server run over at and I can tell you we are very satisfied with the server performance! Also, we will be opening the server up for the public!

The server is going to be a light roleplay pvp with some decent mods installed!

You can also use a discount code during your purchase (SEBlog)!



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