How to Protect Your Ships in Multiplayer

Hello guys, I have something quite useful for you guys playing SE on multiplayer servers, especially PVP ones where your stuff might get compromised and/or stolen.

You Can’t Steal gFleka’s Ship!

While there’s a lot of you who got their ships stolen I developed quite an unusual way to defend your ships from being stolen.

Well How to do it?

Easy! Basic idea is to make your ship spin when there’s an enemy close by. A very easy way to do this is to use a gyroscope override coupled with the sensor.

I recorded the video to make this easier to understand so go ahead and watch it!

What Else Could You do to Protect Your Ships?

Other stuff you can do is have them armed! Nothing protects better than weapons. Also You can set your ship to follow an auto pilot patrol route which also makes it harder for enemy to snipe your defenses down and board your ship.

Next Time!

I will show you more cool ways to protect your ship from boarding. Some of which relay on the first one some of them don’t but thrust me you will like it.

See you guys soon! gFleka out.

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