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Yesterday me and my faction friends decided to play a bit of survival on the public dedicated server. Being said that, it has been a hell of a journey! Finding the first asteroid, finding an armed base, resources and so on. Our little adventure has not even started properly and we ran into trouble!

Uranium leakage

When I woke up this morning and connected to server, I just found out we were screwed. Zero, that’s how many uranium we had left. We were only lucky enough to get by some components and have built a solar panel and a battery to power our medical room yesterday.

You don’t know how difficult it is to survive in space using only solar panels. We weren’t really able to build a small miner ship because we didn’t have any fuel to fuel it. So we built a solar panel to charge the small ships battery. It was a hell of a journey, and 2 times our landing gears exploded. Luckily the 2nd time it did we already had some power in the ship so inertial dampeners kicked in and saved us from flying after our ship and grinding it down.

Our ship also needed a cosmetic surgery because it firstly was an abomination. It looked horribly but it functioned as intended!

A hell of an ugly ship named “The Arc”

The Arc is the name of the abomination shown in the pictures below. Even though it might be the ugliest ship you have ever seen it is super practical, completely 100% green ( solar powered ). Here is the list of it’s features:

  • 6 Small Thrusters
  • 6 Solar Panels
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 Gyroscope
  • 1 Small Cargo Container
  • 1 Large Cargo Container
  • 1 Assembler
  • 1 Rafinery
  • 1 Connector
  • 3 Cockpits

With the features being listed here, you can see there’s no thing the Arc cannot do. It will simply look bad doing it.


The double explosion ship called “Mustafa”

This ship gave us quite the headache, it had to be built firstly with a solar panel because we had no uranium laying around, second it’s landing gear blew up 2 times!

This thing is cursed, but we are not giving up. Firstly it was also an abomination, but after a visual overhaul it is now looking much prettier. Have a look at this cute little miner ship we came up with. It is capable of remote control, has an ore detector, 2 connectors, abs, esp, heated seats and many more things you could expect from modern mining ship.

Small Mining Ship in Space Engineers

The adventure continues…

Parking problems

So while we were doing this ships, one thing came to our mind, we have to hide them! And so we did, we hid them in the deep space, where no normal person or engineer would go. That is where we park our ships.

The neutral station

So after a while on the server, a wide radius beacon appeared, reading: “CCC, Neutral Station”. We were very intrigued by the appearance of such an object. So Xocliw went there to check things out. He indeed was greeted nicely, and even offered some resources to get him started. Thus being said we ¬†concluded we will travel to the neutral station once we build our trading ship and our escort fighters.

What’s next

Well after we completed our little project/s. We decided we are going to mine a lot of resources and start building a proper large ship capable of holding it’s own against the griefers. The ship should be something like a corvette size, but with some cargo space around. We would like to have a trading ship, as we will need to trade some resources in the near future.

Tomorrow we will play some more on that server, and hopefully, by tomorrow no one would find our deep space ugliness and steal it. We will be installing some defenses to prevent griefing, and we might also build some of my crazy creations, as Auto Follow Drone, or the Force Field Doors!

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