How to Survive on Planet Part II 4/5 (3)

Fellow Space Engineers! It has been a week or so since I posted about my adventure of landing the craft on the planet with defective inertial dampeners and controls. If you haven’t already I suggest you read the part 1 of How to Survive on Planet.

This time I had a different kind of adventure. You can even say I had less luck than the first time I played on this world.

Stranded in Space!

As the title implies, it did not start good this time. So there I was connecting onto the server, waiting to load the game, having ideas of an autopilot scout drone, etc. And than, no medic room, I lost it! What happened? Well my guess was it ran out of power, even though it was connected to 3 solar panels and a battery.

How to Recover Your Base?

Luckily I created GPS coordinates for my base, that is crucial to recovering your lost possessions in SE. So I respawned in a yellow repawn ship. I looked for some asteroid while I was in space and found a nice uranium one. So I hand mined some uranium to power the ship back home.

On my way to the gps coordinates it came to my mind that my ship most likely won’t survive entering the atmosphere and I would be doomed again. So there was only one way to do this…

Travel 155 km “on foot”. Basically astronaut’s suit is capable enough to enter atmosphere and thrust the astronaut, which yellow ship isn’t.

Important things to remember, turn off your dampeners. Turning them off will save you the hydrogen which you will definitely need to slow down once you reach you base.

Here are some images of my space jump!

It surely was a fun journey. I’ve learned something. The Astronaut is pretty tough and brave, brave enough to travel 150km through space in his suit and with no extra oxygen supply. Also remember to open your helmet with “J” key when you reach atmosphere as you will most likely be running out of oxygen by then.

Improving on My Little Scout Ship

So once I got home I decided to equip my scout ship with some extra safety feature. To name it, I added the ability to return home if for any reason I was unable to retrieve it myself.

How to Make a Go-Home Rescue System

The system is simple, it requires you to set a GPS location to your base. After that you can than add a sensor and a timer block, along with the remote control block to your ship.

  1. After that set your sensor so that it detects at the highest range, 50m all sides.
  2. Set your remote control block gps location to the base location you want the drone to return to. (Don’t press auto pilot ON)
  3. Set your timer block to desired countdown. (Mine is set to 10 minutes)
  4. Go to timer block actions and set only one action, select right click on your remote control block and select Turn ON Auto-Pilot. Edit: as suggested by Vuelhering, also turn ON the dampeners by right clicking the remote control block.
  5. Go to your sensor, Set actions, Right click on timer block
    1. Set first action (when sensor is detecting) to Stop the timer
    2. Set second action (when sensor is not detecting) to Start the timer
  6. Set Sensor to detect only players and in the last menu only owner and friendly
  7. Enjoy your home coming drone.

Now when you are not within 50m of your drone range for more than 10 minutes it will engage it’s autopilot and fly back to your base.

Hope you enjoyed this. See you soon!

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