Planets in Space Engineers NAN/5 (4)

They Are Finally Here!!

What can better cheer someone up than a nice round of planets! Been waiting for this beauties for a year almost, we’ve seen lot’s of imitations of planets from which I see Keen took some inspiration to make the biggest update in the game up to date!

I’ve taken freedom to post my Stream here as it’s my first SE stream ever! Take a look as I have fun on the planets and build a planetary lift to outer space!

Watch live video from gFleka on

Introduction to Planets

The biggest difference as opposed to before is the amount of lagg introduced. Currently only higher end machines can cope with playing SE on higher settings. Although you can still play just fine if you bump down your graphic and world settings to lower values. I’ve notices bigger planets create enormously bigger amount of lagg compared to smaller ones.


Planets have their own gravity, always pulling towards the center, like it should. All blocks are affected by gravity and it takes a lot of thrust to get those pieces of metal up in the air when they are all affected by gravity!

Also gravity generators and gravity blocks don’t work as they should. They get cancelled out by gravity.


Atmosphere is a nice addition, you can breathe! Voila! Also there’s atmospheric thrusters for moving around the planet!

Ore and Resources

There’s lots of ore on the planets, i’m still not sure how many but it seems roughly the same as asteroids. Still, I think asteroids might be better for resource gathering…

Fresh New Worlds to Start

There’s couple of new start options each involving some base and a couple of default vehicles, it’s quite cool. Also there’s an opposing faction and drones coming in all the time so watch out!

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One thought on “Planets in Space Engineers

  1. The planets update was one of the best things to have happened to this game! I had played for 100+ hours but now I just can’t stop playing! One of the best games on the steam store.

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