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So you want to play Space Engineers for free…

First of all, almost nothing in this world is free, and so isn’t this game. What you can do to play space engineers for free is enter some of the competitions that are still ongoing. I know some of you guys know your ways of playing games for free which are not legal by the way. If you want  to earn, your copy of space engineers, here’s how you can do it.

How to get your copy of the game

To play space engineers for free, you need a friend who already has a copy of space engineers. First thing you do is go into the game ( friends game ) and make something wonderful, take a screenshot of it and post it to Xocliw’s screenshot competition. This way you can really earn your game, fair and legit. Xocliw is well known to community and he is giving away a copy of space engineers to the best image as well as other rewards.

Obviously there are other ways you can get space engineers other than free ways. You can ofcorse buy it from steam. I recommend you buy it while it’s on sale as it often goes on 20%, 30% , even 40% sale.

What should you do until you get the game

You can really enjoy this game by just browsing the workshop, or watching youtube videos of this game. There’s literally tons of stuff already, and the game is still in alpha stage of its development. So I suggest you watch the vids, read the forums, browse the workshop, heck, even my blog has a lot of content you can read.

My last words are, if you really like this game, buy it! Here is the link to amazon which also offers space engineers for 19,99$ which might be cheaper than steam! Support the Keen Software House and their efforts to make this the most enjoyable space game ever created!

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