Developer Q&A With Keen Software House 5/5 (2)

General info on the Q&A

Today Solution Gaming held a Q&A event live streamed on twitch. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to witness it in live mode, but I am going to give you some of the most important questions and answers Keen Software House provided.

Other than our host Solution Gaming, Q&A was joined by Marek Rosa himself, “the boss”, Ondrej Petrzilka the lead programmer, and Tomas Rampas  the lead artist.

You can watch the whole Q&A down here!

Most people on the Space Engineers server ever!

This stream was hosted on a HostASpace server, which my partners gladly provided. The server was smooth and performed superbly considering 50 people were playing at the same time. Keen Software House was amazed by the stability and server performance.

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Also you can read more about HostASpace hosting over at my servers blog post.

The most important questions answered

Modding questions

  • Andrej stated that they are going to allow modders to code features that players will be able to access via game interface. This feature is probably going to be released soon (2-3 weeks)
  • Also they are working on allowing modders and players to add completely new constraints, so basically we will be able to add any desired feature or mechanism into the game in the future
  • Adding removing and modifying blocks from grids (controlled by modding api) will be added in a week or two
  • Documentation might be added, the answer was kinda not clear, they actually don’t use documentation
  • Keen expects people will add lasers, shields, etc themselves via mod API

General questions

  • Modders are expected to contribute in adding more blocks to the game so Keen can focus on polishing the game and finishing up the important features as blueprints in survival and 3d printers!
  • They will add more blocks even in beta, but after some general polishing takes place
  • They currently don’t have any plans on adding new ore or materials, as it would require more optimizations, but they stated that mods are out there to add ore. Also, important to note Marek stated that they are only going to implement a dozen of really important features and than slowly start polishing the game up, so beta is not far!
  • There is a possibility of adding sleepers (bodies) to medical room which you would than use every time you had to respawn, also you would have to produce this bodies, hence the medical room has a conveyor doors on the roof
  • The mass of the components in the containers will be adding to the whole ships mass, very soon
  • They are working on a precision, and it will enable much larger worlds
  • Pistons will get better in the future, but not by much because the limits of the physics engine
  • They are currently working on the explosions and they have some working versions, so next week we should have realistic explosion radius
  • They are also working an missile launcher blowing itself up issues


  • They are trying to make the game as stable as possible and as moddable as possible, to allow the people to grow
  • There will be some suprises later in the game
  • Working Ropes/Wires will be added in the game
  • Server history wasn’t planned
  • They might increase the speed but not by much
  • Antennas that only detect are not going to be implemented, but they are thinking of some kind of laser communication lake NASA just recently tested
  • Asteroid will be bigger as the time passes, but as the optimization goes further, they believe even small planets could be possible
  • Some sort of secrets might be implemented into the game to enhance the exploration
  • Procedural generation of the worlds is going quite well and they are optimistic about it
  • Visual programming will be added after the initial C# ingame programming is added
  • Mass won’t be added to every entity in the game
  • They are willing to add more functional blocks like sensors and timers
  • Rails are a pain in the ass…
  • All blocks will get their deformation models, so all non armor models will also be deforming in the future
  • They won’t be adding atmosphere to asteroids, but they will provide support to the modders willing to do it


  • Filter block for conveyor systems will soon be implemented and Keen is already working on it. Basically it will “sort” out the materials and ores as you will
  • Trajectory path/orbiting path will probably not be implemented
  • Zoom on the camera will probably be implemented
  • There will be a GPS system implemented
  • There will probably be some sort of tracking sensor block which mimics the Auto Follow Drone I created but on the large scale, and much more reliably
  • The way Gravity works won’t change
  • There will probably be some sort of motion detection block that will detect enemy ships


  • Xbox One development is doing ok, but Marek didn’t tell a whole lot about it
  • Xbox version might have modding ability and workshop capability

To sum everything up

This Q&A was yet again amazing, as they all are. I have to thank Solution Gaming and Keen SWH for hosting this one. Also special thanks to all the community members who participated and asked questions.

Looking forward to the next Q&A!

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