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Hello fellow Engineers!

Today I have some news for you! My partners and friends over at HostaSpace have re-branded! Now with the re-brand come some amazing free features for you guys! Read on and save yourself some $$ while getting exactly what you want from a server.

Pay them a visit over at Server Blend.

Amazing New Features

Server Blend offers game servers for numerous sandbox and sandbox-like games.

  • High performance dedicated server
  • Intel Xeon E5 Processor
  • Optimised network
  • Configurable slots
  • Either SESM, TcAdmin or Multicraft control panels
  • Complete mod support
  • FTP Access
  • SESE option for Space Engineers
  • Free GameVox voice server
  • Industry leading hardware and prices


Server Configuration Tool!

Oh boy, an amazing feature offering you the ability to fully customize your game server, down to amount of RAM, processor type, and memory type you want it to use!

Not only can you choose that, but you have multiple geographical locations to choose from.

After you select those there’s even more stuff to do! You get to choose exactly how much server slots you need, you can choose from multiple Billing cycles, also you can choose to add extra RAM and High priority to your server.

Also last but certainly not least is the addons! You get the VOX voice server for free! Also you may choose a custom sub-domain and/or an in house management which will take you to next level of game performance which is of the biggest importance for a high performing popular Space Engineers server.



So lastly what you get from all this is a stable high performing server with exactly the options you need and want. Also worth mentioning is the cheapest price guarantee:  “The cheapest, high performance game servers on the web! Found someone cheaper, we will beat them by 5%.

I hope you guys love their servers and they serve you well! If you need any help at all don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Server Blend.

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