Decoy Launcher Tutorial

Simple Yet Effective Decoy Launcher Tutorial

About decoys

Decoy blocks in space engineers are used exactly as their name implies, as decoys and as I have not seen many people use decoy blocks they can still be very deadly and decide a fight in decoy user’s favour.
What decoys do is, they basically make all the automated weaponry on the enemy’s ship target them, and with the highest priority. So when you deploy a decoy you have a 100% chance it will get targeted instead of your more important blocks, as thrusters, turrets and reactors, giving you some sort of “shield” so to say.

Straight to tutorial

This tutorial is pretty straightforward and if you follow my instructions you will have yourself a nice simple decoy launcher system.

Step 1: Build pistons

You will need to build a pushing piston for the chamber and a door piston to close off the chamber with decoys while not in use. You don’t want your decoys falling out of your ship in the wrong time!

Decoy Launcher Space Engineers

Step 2: Build the chamber around the “pushing piston”

Build a chamber around the pushing piston as you can see in the picture, I used glass and blast door blocks on one side to eliminate the chance of the piston getting stuck inside the chamber. Blast door blocks have a smaller hitbox so they won’t get in the way of piston head.

Step 3: Adjust the pistons

To adjust the pistons set the “door” ones to 2.3m maximum distance, and set the pushing pistons to desired speed (the higher the speed the faster will the decoys fly). Next control group your left door and left pushing piston into 1 group and do the exact same thing with the right one.

Step 4: Place a lot of decoys in the chambers

In creative copy paste a lot of decoy blocks into the chamber (they should be disconnected from each other). In survival just build a lot of decoys manually.

How to use decoy launcher effectively

The best possible time to use the decoy launcher is when you are facing a large ship/station equipped with a large number of missile turrets. Each decoy block will neutralize 1 missile, so you do the math, for each decoy you will evade 1 missile hit!
The next best situation would be against a gattling turret ship, and the worst one would obviously be against small fighter ships although in that case they can be used as countermeasures but not nearly as effective as they are against turrets.


I would use decoy launcher on a defensive type of ship, but that’s just me, some of you guys might find this interesting for a strike wesel even! I hope you enjoyed my decoy launcher tutorial!

Also here is a workshop file link if any of you guys want to try it out!



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