Space Engineers Artwork 3.33/5 (6)

Long time no see my loyal readers! I have finally arrived home and I’m just about to show you something cool! We will start slowly but expect some crazy a$$ creations, drones, weapons, contraptions and much more!

Painting the Universe

So my girlfriend decided she is going to paint me some pictures for my room. Could you imagine my surprise when I found out she did my favorite game and not only that but it was 3 paintings! So this was actually her second Space Engineers artwork! But enough talking I will let you take a look at the pictures.


Three Paintings of a sun and a spaceship flying by.

Painting my Room

As you may have read before in the Changing the skybox post my amazing girlfriend painted my entire room in Space, planets, clouds, nebula’s, moons, etc… So As I failed to take pictures of the room in the dark, as it’s painted with luminiscent glow in the dark paint, there are thousands of tiny stars shining when you turn off the light. I promise you to take pictures with a quality camera to ensure stars are visible.

I would love it if you guys could comment on the painting, and on the room, say what you think of it!

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