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Today I am going to show you guys how to create a simple gravity drive! So let’s start the tutorial!

What is a gravity drive?

Basically gravity drive is an “unrealistic” type of propellant used to mostly quickly push your ship forward like warp engines do. The most important thing to remember is that in order for gravity drive to work you will need only 2 things:

  • A Gravity generator
  • An artificial mass block

The grav drive works in the way that grav pushes the artificial mass blocks which then push the ship they are attached to. It is like if you were on a sailboat and blowing in your own sails. It is unrealistic but in Space Engineers it works! Lately it has become very popular to use gravity drive on your ship because it can make a large ship go to max speed in seconds!

The construction

To start off there is only 1 rule when building a gravity drive, or installing one in an already finished ship: Always try to place the artificial mass blocks as close to your ships center of mass as you can!

This will only be the basic structure which will show you how to do build the grav drive.

basic grav drive concept, the grav gen is pushing the artifical mass block forward

Turn on the Show center of mass option in K panel

Gravity Drive mounted on the most basic ship. Watch how everything is symetrical so the center of mass is kept in line with artificial mass block

There you go guys, this is the simplest explanation for the gravity drive. Make sure your gravity field is as small as it can be as grav gens tend to use a lot of power. To make your grav drive more powerful you can add more generators or more artificial mass blocks.

Start using grav drives on your ships now and feel the difference in acceleration!

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One thought on “Space Engineers Gravity Drive Tutorial

  1. A little addition: It is not the artificial mass blocks that need to be close to the center of mass, It is the center of mass of the artificial mass blocks that needs to coincide with the center of mass of the ship. In other words the artificial mass blocks need to be symmetrically placed around the ship center, but do not need to be close to it. For example, consider the following two constructions (A = artificial mass block,C is center of mass of ship):


    These two work equally well, Even though in the first case, the artificial mass blocks are not near the center, they are symmetrically placed, meaning their center is. That is what is important for a succesful gravity drive.

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