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About the Nuke

This Nuke is a real piece of art. I’ve been experimenting with station defenses and minefields when this beautiful idea came to my mind. Everything stopped for a moment! I have just invented remote controlled nuke! Imagine the possibilities of this thing. Blowing up an incoming enemy, having this thing around your base would ensure you don’t get bullied by anyone!


You can find my remote nuke on space engineers workshop!

The features

  • 300 explosives
  • 1 antenna
  • 1 piston
  • 1 welder
  • 1 battery
  • 1 merge block (for transport, or recharge)
  • Can’t blow up on its own!

The power inside

Nuke is charged by 300 explosives atm, but that is of course a subject to change and everyone’s individual preference. While 300 is a lot even 100 explosives will do the job for you. Now the problem is the explosives are very expensive so you might wanna think twice before building this thing!

The mechanisms

Remote control

How does this work gFleka? Well basically remote detonation is achieved by obviously using antenna and good control grouping. The antenna is set to your desired range so it can even have a very small range so it doesn’t send your base’s position and you can have multiple remote nukes relayed and chained as you like!

Auto safe system

Also known as ASS it is used in this remote controlled nuke so the nuke can’t be blown up or set off by accident. The warhead isn’t finished and the explosives are held in the connector so it is impossible for this thing to blow up if fired upon or bumped.

Detonation system

Basically detonation is caused by welder welding the warhead while the connector ejects the explosives. It is all synchronized so as all explosives are ejected piston pushes welder further into the warhead causing it to blow up and detonate the explosives in the process.


The Shielding

I’ve made this more as a barebone but I guess I could put some decorations over using heavy armor to protect the payload. This is because as the things are now the explosions are not held back by heavy armor, but instead they penetrate right through, so the explosion radius is the same as if there’s no armor around the remote detonation nuke! Space Engineers should soon be updated but for the time being we should use what we have, and do the best with it!



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One thought on “Space Engineers Remote Detonation Nuke

  1. This is really cool, i’m really excited about planets arriving to space engineers would be cool to see some builds in preparation for it. All the same loving your blog, keep up the good work 🙂

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