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Space engineers game

Space engineers is basically a space sandbox game, but in the same time it’s much more than that…

This game takes the term sandbox to a whole new level and besides the sandbox part, this game is going in a direction that no other game covers, a survival, faction based multiplayer, it’s like a mixture of EVE: Online, and Minecraft, taking some ideas from both games, but being none of them, I see this game has a great potential. The fact that the game sold more than 500.000 copies while still being in Alpha stage of development which is amazing!

In the current phase of the game there is a lot of features, the last week pistons were added, and the developers are really working hard on this game, by the way the developer team is from called the Keen Software House, and they are a small team developing their own game engine called VRAGE, which also powers Space engineers.

What can I do in the game?

In Space Engineers the first and most obvious thing you can do is build ships and stations. The game has 2 basic modes of play: creative mode and survival mode.

Creative mode

In the creative mode there’s no cost to building, and you have unlimited resources as well as unlimited oxygen/health. This game mode was first to be launched and many people use this mode to build magnificent creations, replicas of famous star ships, and much more.

I suggest using creative mode when first starting the game as you will catch on to theĀ  basics of the building and block interaction. Also mistakes in creative mode are easily repaired while in survival one mistake can mean a destruction of the entire ship!

Survival mode

Now this mode was introduced later during Space Engineers development and it brought a lot to the game. Survival mode gave you a reason to build the mining ships, warships and everything else simulation related things as they were suddenly useful in game. The survival mode takes unlimited resources from you as well as unlimited health/oxygen so you have to recharge every once in a while. Resources need to be mined from an asteroid using a hand drill, or using ships built with drills attached. Also gathering resources is possible via hijacking the cargo ships. The cargo ships are basically npc ships casually flying through the area waiting to be grabbed by someone.


When multiplayer was added survival mode got bumped up a level. Basically you could now play survival with your friends, you could build ships together, do some pvp, roleplay, whatever! Multiplayer in Space Engineers is currently still being developed so there might be some lagg issues but that’s really rare if your server is good enough.


Factions! Factions were added recently, and they added so much to the game, the faction wars, the working automated turrets, fighting for asteroids, resources, casual trader factions, pirates, there’s so much to do now and the community is so creative that this game is surely gonna blossom in the near future, and I even dare say it could become more popular than Minecraft.

Official Space Engineers video showing survival features


Community and the forums

To a lot of you guys a good community and forum activity is crucial for good time in game. Let me tell you, the community and the forums are very good, there’s a lot of friendly people willing to help you out and say good job fellow engineer, that’s an awesome ship! Be sure to check out the forums and see for yourself!

Conclusion of the review

In this review i tried to present to you all the features that Space Engineers offer, and the fact that there are so many in the alpha stage speaks for itself, and I would really recommend you to buy this game, or if you are still unsure check out space engineers on youtube and fall in love with this game just as I did.


That’s all, gFleka


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