Station Gravity Shield

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What is this thing?

This my friends is my latest WIP, the station gravity shield. It utilizes some of my Gravity Wings features to control the position and the rotation of the shield. As you can clearly see from the pictures, it is working similarly to a piston! One part goes over the other opening the station up when necessary, and closing it during attacks.

How does it work?

Gravity Station Shield works in much the same way as my gravity wings concept. It uses 6 Gravity Generators, and 4 pairs of 2 Artificial Mass blocks placed symmetricaly on the inside of the shield. The artificial mass blocks are held in place between the gravity fields:  Gravity Field > [Artificial mass] < Gravity Field. This way they are always where I want them to be.


The shield movement is possible by the use of pistons which can push

away the gravity generators which are then pushing the whole
shield. There are 3 pistons so basically it can travel roughly 30 m. Those 30 m are enough so it overlaps with the larger shield which fits the small shield inside. The large shield will also be movable, but I had not time to finish it yesterday so it is still attached to the station.

Once I’ve finished the large shield artificial mass blocks I will put more pistons on the already existing pistons and just copy paste the grav gens onto them. This way I will be able to control the position of both gravity shields with only 1 piston group and a lot of saved space.




The shield is rotated by the use of only 1 rotor which than rotates the whole gravity generator platform and thus forcing the whole shield to rotate. As the shield is quite heavy, hence it’s all heavy armor, with the current grav gen and artificial mass block setup it’s not possible to rotate it faster than 0.10 RPM. Otherwise the gravity fields have too much lateral movement for the artificial mass blocks to catch up to them.

Stability of the shield

In order to keep the shield stable it is very important to use thrusters facing all sides, as well as gyroscopes, otherwise you are going to have a nice cut through your station, and instead of shielding this thing will be attacking.

Take a closer look at the shield

Gravity Fields on a shield


Working on grav gens

Rotation maybe?





















Workshop Link!

I will post future updates as well as a video if this thing in action once I’m done with it. In the mean time enjoy what you have and feel free to use my ideas in your creations. As This thing is somewhat complex don’t give up if it goes wrong, try more and use your brain to think out of the box!



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2 thoughts on “Station Gravity Shield

  1. We are not worthy! I mean… wow i can’t even begin to imagine how you came up with this and your forcefeld door gravity shotgun…. I’m eager to get home and down load all 9 these world’s lol

    I’m relatively new to space engineers and prefer to play in survival (building my first large ship still) I’m kinda trying to make not ugly spaceships that work at the moment. Defiantly gonna. keep an eye on this space

    • It is always hard to start! Even I was both confused and amazed by other people’s designs when I started SE, but now it seems I’m the one that amazes new players! I’m glad you like them and look forward to seeing you progress towards the master engineer!

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