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Survival stories: How I lost my drone NAN/5 (3)

Where did Sokol go?

Sokol was my first ever survival made drone. He was created with an intent to be a scouting and probing vessel. He packed all kind of equipment a drone could use. Not only I was personally attached to him, but he also was looking quite alright for a survival built thing.

Sokol had everything he ever needed, an antenna, a remote control block, a spotlight, an ore detector, a timer block for some neat features, a connector and a battery. In the addition to that he also had a piston mounted landing gear to pick up things from unreachable places. Sokol was every drone lovers dream.

He was a very smart drone

Sokol even had a timer block, he was so smart that I had him programmed so that when he reaches 5000 m he stopped. I’ve done that by calculating the distance versus the travel time and speed and acceleration, using some basic calculations.

The calculations I’ve done are as follows:

He had a weight of 4212 kg, also he had a forward thruster set to full override, hence 12kN of force applied to the mass. This using the a=f/m formula results in an acceleration of a=3.51 m/s^2. 3.51 = 12000/4212

After we got the acceleration, it was time we calculate the time necessary to reach the max speed. By dividing the max speed with the acceleration, we got the time of 29 s. 29 = 104.4/3.51

Than we had to calculate the distance travelled until maximum speed of 104.4 m/s is reached. We’ve done that by  using the s= v0+ (a*t^2)/2. This resulted in distance of s=1475 m.

Than all we had to do is subtract 1475 from 5000, and we got 3525 m.

Than we just divided that distance with the max speed and we get the additional time of 33 seconds. Now what we had to do is add the 29 s + 33 s to get the time needed to reach 5000 m from a still position. After doing that I’ve programmed the timer block to disable the forward thruster after 62 seconds, and voila, the drone stopped 5000m after being launched!


How Sokol gave his life to save mine

I was stuck, in search of nickel, i accidentally disturbed some interior turret mounted on the asteroid’s dark side. It was a quick death, my whole ship passed right in front of my eyes. It is over i taught, my ship is lost forever…All of the sudded Conrad appeared, my faction leader and a very fine British gentleman indeed. He was kind enough to build an antenna on our arc ship and to fly me on the Sokol in search of my lost ship.

We quickly mounted a passenger seat on to the Sokol, I looked quite funny, but it worked, I was flying towards the approximate coordinates where my ship was. As the time passed by an asteroid appeared. I knew immediately that was the one, that was the one where my ship was! Indeed it was. I’ve recovered my ship, a light fighter ship named Skinny. The best small ship we have on the server, finally back in my hands.

After safely entering my cockpit, Conrad went deep down into one of the holes in the asteroid. Boom! A sudden explosion was heard, Conrad lost control, Sokol was dead…I can still hear the interior turrets shooting down the last bits of Sokol into pieces, ha gave his life to save Skinny. This is the day we made first enemy contact on this server.

The ship that lived

Skinny is a light fighter mk1, a first in a series, designed to keep quite a low profile, hence skinny. Also, he uses reactors, to save some space. Additionally, he has only 1 block of height mostly. Ranging to 5-6 at the highest areas. This allows skinny to exceel at avoiding enemy fire while still being able to survive frontal damage thanks to fortifications on the front end as well as a blast door block placed to act as a bayonett in the case of a crash.

The ship hadn’t have it’s first dogfight. It is still too soon, I haven’t even damaged the painting on it. This ship was designed with a lot of taught. Being able to survive a lot of frontal damage is very important novadays in dog fights. So Skinny has a cockpit placed all the way at the back of the ship, so it survives all the frontal shooting that is going on.

You can notice on the pictures, he is quite slim but also some might find it too bare-bone, but let me tell you, with that amount of sideways thrust you won’t be shot that easily, and adding more armor won’t help against rockets. The only thing that helps against rockets is the distance from the impact of the rocket. That’s why I’ve placed Skinny’s cockpit all the way at the back.

He better pay his debt

After Sokol gave his life for me and my ship. I feel quite a burden to rebuild my Sokol and bring him back to deep space. Also I have plans on building a solar antenna relay system so I could easily see all the enemies and control all the drones from safe distance.

I really count on Skinny to do some protecting for his fleet as currently he is the only ship with armaments attached.

“With  great power, comes great responsibility.” Said Spiderman’s uncle, and I say it to you today skinny, you better be worth Sokol’s life!

If you have’t already take a look at the prequel about the lack of uranium and how it all started.


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