Survival Stories: The Challenger 5/5 (1)

What happened after the relay drones

After the relays were built, Xocliw had this great idea of building a new mothership to house all our stuff, rafinery, assemblers, a small ship hangar, etc.

If you read my first post about our little survival adventure, you would have seen that in order to survive we had to just slap some components together and weld those solar panels in order to survive. The ship I’ve built is the definition of the word ugly, at first it was even completely asymmetrical, which bothered Xocliw a lot, so I have undergone some visual changes to the ship to stop Xocliw’s heart-attacks.

The ship we started to build is named the Challenger and it’s original creator in Conrad Larson, the head of our faction. It’s main purpose was to explore, but Xocliw found the ship beautiful and we decided to create a “mothership” of it. With Conrad as a consultant we had no problem replicating the ship. We also went to creative and took screenshots of every floor so we had plans.

Xocliw really did a huge job on the ship. We all did our part but he is the one to blame for the awesomeness of the Challenger! He is the one who placed all the blocks down. The rest of us mainly mined stuff and helped welding and grinding.

Some new ships!

Frenchie is our welder / grinder ship, very sturdy, and gets the job done without asking too many questions. Fully battery powered, she is one fat lady with 4 big arms!

Terrible mining accidents

In many of our mining trips to the center of the map, things went terribly wrong… My dampeners were turned off, and I suddenly realized I was heading straight towards the center beacon box made out of unobtainium. Long story short I crashed. Xocliw flew towards me to help me rescue some of the ship wrecks. We grinded some of it down, but than things went bad. As Xocliw was flying his connection broke and the ship went flying off. His mining ship the Gustav was drifting away in the darkness…

How to find your drifting ship?

In the darkness everything is hard to find. We both went ahead to try and find the Gustav, our best miner we had thus far built by D-Box. We searched for half an hour. But no Gustav around… We gave up after a while. And quickly built an improvised miner.

The improvised miner is D-Box’s credit, it was an ugly thing, but it mined!

You won’t believe this things

After I took the improvised miner and mined for like an hour, an unexpected server restart ruined my day… We lost yet another mining ship, and a whole lot of ore with it. I was flying 30 m/s and the server restarted without any warning. The ship either got deleted, or it flew off into the darkness.

Even poor Skinny got crashed due to my router failure! Fortunately rocket launcher cushioned the impact and Skinny is still alive. Skinny always lives!

A new miner, and yet again D-Box is the creator

D-Boxes miner ship

D-Box went ahead a built our heaviest and sturdiest miner so far, he named it after himself. The miner issues 4 drills, a battery, small reactor, lights, camera, remote control, everything a miner needs, and it handles very good!

I went ahead and mined with it for like 45 minutes, the drills were full and our rafinery was happy to chew on some ore!

The bright future for the Challenger!

The Challenger is almost complete! He only needs some interior work, but almost all the necessary systems are functional, including the large reactor, thrusters, antennas, gyros, etc… We are all working a lot to get it done so we can finally do some large ship pvp on this server. It will surely be epic once we get to it!

Showcase of the challenger:

Once again, I  have to thank Conrad Larson for this beautiful ship design. May his ship always be this beautiful.


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