How to Survive on a Planet? NAN/5 (5)

I have something new for you guys. I decided to kinda document my experience and knowledge in landing on the planet. I had major issues and I’d like to share them with you guys. I might have done things differently but I think I did what I could.

How to Land on a Planet?

Well it’s pretty easy! You just land right? Not really… and here’s why. As I joined the server I wanted to start playing on the planet. So an obvious route is the Earth Planet Lander! So there I go, I’m already sitting in one, flying towards the Earth at nearly top speed. I notice an error! I can’t slow down! I check my inertial dampeners, they are turned ON! I check the thrusters, they are ON, I try pressing space, flying up, rotating the ship, nothing seems to be able to stop me from crashing and killing me and my ship for good!


Suddenly an Idea!

What if I turn on the Thruster override? Well the ship started to slow down! Woohoo. Basically from that moment on I placed both BIG thrusters in a single group and than placed the controls from the K menu in my pilot seat for controlling the thruster override strength. (Being able to lower and increase override).

Landing it Down!

Finally I was kinda able to somewhat control my ship’s altitude, or better say it’s acceleration towards the ground. Also I was lucky enough to have a night landing! Oh lucky me… After some fiddling around I did manage to land my ship down, broke 2 landing gears and felt like I really have won the game!

After Landing Procedure!

I went out checked all out! Everything else is ok! What now? Go look around you, find if there’s any materials. Luckily enough there’s nothing but rock around me, not even snow, from what I’ve seen there’s no ice to drill 4k from my position…




Building a Base on a Planet

After the initial landing I proceeded to build myself a very simple battery powered base so I can respawn in case my ship gets deleted.

Nothing special, the base has all the needed stuff. I’ve build all I need to develop further.









Transporting Myself Around!

To transport myself I’ve build a mini hoovering ship. It’s absolutely cute but it does it’s job. It’s equipped with all the technology I could need and It still left me enough materials to build another one if this one was to fail.

The main purpose of this small ship was to enable me to get to the resources. Good pointer for when you need to build one, don’t use the cockpit, instead just build a chair and a remote control block. It’s just much easier that way. Also much more resource friendly. Now that we’re on the planets not only resources worry you, you also need to worry about mass of the ship, having the seat and the mass control block makes your ship much lighter thus easier to take off!

That’s it for now. Get ready for the next part as it is almost done!

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