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The Beginning 5/5 (3)


Hello everyone, as of today I’m starting my space engineers blog where I will be posting frequently, mostly daily.

This Blog will be covering everything about space engineers, be that community creations, updates, faction battles, small ships, big ships, stations, everything.
I myself have a lot of creations which I will be reviewing here and I will also do a lot of tutorials on some fun stuff and cool useful stuff that is going to give you and your faction an edge in multiplayer.

What else will I be covering?

I will also write my daily stories and sometimes also ideas that I might not have time to do, but maybe some of you guys will. Having said that, I am currently working on my drone carrier ship, and by drone i mean controllable drones without cockpit, a new concept yet unseen in Space Engineers community which will change the way you think (atleast until programming comes into the game) and build.

Gravity in space engineers

What about gravity generators, well a lot of people know me by my crazy inventions using gravity generators and artificial mass blocks, I promise you you will not regret following me and my creations as I’m far from finished with my gravity madness series.
Also helping me will be Xocliw, with his channel, I will also cover his videos on my blog, and I encourage you to check his channel out as he has some great videos featuring mods, and even some of my designs like Dragon’s Breath: Turret armor.

Take care for now and expect more to come, gFleka.

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