Drone carrier Valyria look at the front side windows of the ship, looking very gothic, like a church

Valyria: Drone Carrier Exterior showcase 5/5 (2)

About the exterior

She is very gothic, as you may have noticed in the past posts about her, and I tried to be consistent to the end. Today I have done some exterior on theĀ bottomĀ part of the ship, as it was flat. I tried to do something that is gonna blend well with the upper part of the ship and still look pretty gothic so I went with the “spikes”. The spikes I think look awesome as they are not going through the whole length of the ship, but they are gradually blending towards the back where the drone hangars are.

All in all I think my drone carrier looks pretty good so far and I think that the exterior is almost done and not many changes will be made to the Valyria in the future, at least not on the exterior!

Some drone carrier eye candy!

Valyria’s front, cathedral looking end

Valyria’s front end bottom spikes











Valyria’s front bottom spikes, side view

Valyria’s nacelle, side view

Valyria, side view of the whole ship

Valyria’s engines from the back











A look from the top of the ship

A beautifull look at Valyria’s frontal side windows











I hope you have enjoyed her, also she is going to the workshop as soon as she is finished!

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