Valyria drone carrier front staircase

Valyria: Drone Carrier Interior Update

Today I’ve done some updates to my drone carrier‘s interior. As this ship is kind of gothic style I wanted it to feel like it from the inside out so I’m trying to replicate some motifs and architecture from distant times. I haven’t seen a lot of gothic style ships except the Warhammer 40k ones, which are well, 40k ships, they are not Gothic, that’s a similar but not the same.

Thing I have to do to the inside of my drone ship

Basically my ship was almoust a complete and empty shell until today. It only had some engineering bits on the inside. So basically I started out with my emergency command room¬†which had to be protected from every side and in the center of the ship safe from every attacks. So basically my idea is to have ecr surrounded with atleast 2 heavy armor layers from each side. And here’s what I came up with:

Emergency command room

Emergency Command Room entrance on Valyria

Emergency Command Room’s inside, on Valyria

These pictures are roughly showing you the looks of my ecr, although I think I will add some more details and paint but the function and the basic shape won’t change.

Drone room entrance

So basically my ship was not partitioned or to say “pressurized” so I had to make sections and separate them with doors. The first one was to separate the main drone hangar room from the rest of the ship, including front of the ship and the spine section which are basically general crew areas. Also as well as the doors I had to make a stairwell or a lift from the middle of the ship to the upper spinal part of my carrier. So this is how my entrance into a drone hangar looks like:

Drone Hangar Doors looking from the inside

Drone hangar entrance and stairwell

Reactor array with conveyors

I basically had some reactors thrown around the ship just to keep it running while I’m building so It was time Valyria got some real power to settle her thirst for power. As Valyria has strong back engines she needs a lot of power to keep going forward and I really hate going into an overload especially on a large ship like a drone carrier. I had the idea of a reactor system flowing through the ship itself so it’s spread out across the ship (for combat). Also I love building defensive ships, not like really heavy ones with lots of heavy armor, but well built ones, with important areas protected from damage, as well as countermeasures and engineering that will keep my ship alive. Speaking of which take a look at my article about decoy launcher which is also installed in Valyria. On to the pictures of my reactor array:

Reactor array front view

Reactor array side view

Looking out into space

Front windows of Valyria, Drone Carrier


This is a beautiful front view from the Valyria’s front observation deck. All those rough edges still have to be carved into beautiful gothic motifs by my own hand. But I have to leave something for tomorrow.

I hope you liked my interior so far and I hope you have some suggestions for me on how to continue building this Royal Drone Carrier.

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