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Building and Setting Up the Hangar

The hangar is fairly simple, intended to be used with a small ship. This is a fairly cool looking hangar while still keeping it all simple. The power of this installation lies in it’s cool lighting and door opening system. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did building it!


Running Lights on The Airstrip

The lights are configured in such a manner that they “run” into the hangar when thy detect a ship in the proximity. The effect is accomplished by using the delay in the lights while having all other settings equal.

The easiest way to configure the lights is to make pairs of lights that ascend as you go towards the end of your airstrip.

That way the lights 1 and 2 have 0% delay, lights 3 and 4 have 10% delay, and so forth. Depending on the effect you want to accomplish and the number of pairs you have you need to adjust the blink length, time the light is turned on and the increment for the delay.

My airstrip uses 10% delay’s in it’s configuration so the lights “run” at a medium speed and they turn off exactly as the next pair turns on.

Automatic Hangar Doors and Automatic “Human” Doors

The doors on the hangar open up automatically when the sensor detects small ship in the proximity. Also there are normal doors for astronauts to walk through that are embedded into the big doors. The astronaut doors open up when the astronaut is close enough.

The doors are operated by a piston so I used some timer blocks to make the piston work correctly.

The next segment you are going to love!


Lights Inside the Hangar

The lights inside the hangar are a complete story for themselves. They are done in a way to light up gradually and even occasionally “blink” or stutter like in some old facility.

This has of course been done with timers that are in a “timer chain” each one starting the next.

The lights inside the hangar are also triggered when it detects an astronaut or a small ship inside.


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Build: How to Build a Hangar & Airstrip

  1. Not the smallest hint about how to start the first ever ship or base.
    i.e. pose, drop the corner stone…

    Found laborious geeky Ytube videos, 8 minutes of boredom, selfish, pompous BS blablabla to show me how to drill by hand + move left to right.
    Pathetic people! Really!

    • Guess you’ll better need a brain rather than a video explaining such things.
      Curiosity and your own brain cells should have found out the solution by themselves.
      Go cry somewhere else, you are boring everyone here.

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