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Xocliw’s Screenshot Competition

Screenshot competition video

So my good friend Xocliw has had his 100th subscriber and he has decided that he is going to have a screenshot competition. I would like you guys to be here and post him the best screenshots you can find. He also allows editing and captions for each screenshot.

Also don’t forget to subscribe to Xocliw as this is surely not the last great video he has made. I will post his best videos as well as his competitions over here on my blog!

Competition information

Have a question for Marek? Please post them here, and I will try my best to ask as many as possible:
To enter the competition, post a link on this thread to your screenshot that you have uploaded to your Steam profile: 


1) One screenshot allowed per entrant.

2) The screenshot must be taken in Space Engineers only.

3) The screenshot should have a caption to go with it.

4) It should be of good quality. (720p +)

5) You can edit your screenshot as much as you like (filters, effects etc).

6) All entries must be submitted by September 1st.


1st Place – Copy of Space Engineers 
2nd Place – Copy of Payday 2
3rd Place – Copy of Payday 2
4th Place – Copy of Orion: Dino Horde
5th Place – Copy of Orion: Dino Horde

*If necessary, prize winners may also choose (by running order) the game they will recieve.*

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