Educational Technology An Honest Assessment

During my first two weeks of class at Hostos, I relied on technology immensely because I am a transfer student so they're many things that I had to get done such as my student email, Blackboard, and schedule from CUNY first. Technology was my main resource for entering Hostos Community College. As millennials we grew up in the time where technology is thriving and only advancing with that they’re some are high expectations of us to already have a vast knowledge involving anything technology-wise. While older generations think we know it, most of us don’t. During my first semester at college, I struggled to understand the concept of Blackboard. It was never taught to me I was only given a username and password. There was an immediate assumption that I as a millennial would immediately know what to do. When in fact I had to get another student who has been in the college longer than me to explain how it worked. My expectations have not been met so far because it took two weeks for me to figure out there was a computer lab at Hostos that allowed help with blackboard, Student email, etc.. While many people believe that it is the students job to educate themselves on student resources, many students such as myself who was a first-year college student wouldn’t have this knowledge. It is the college's responsibility to inform students who are transferring or first-year students of all the student resources. The students should be aware of what resources hostos offers because they are the ones paying for all the technological resources from their tuition.
There are many things about the computer use policy that students are unaware of, but should have knowledge of because their the ones being monitored and also using the computers. Many students are unaware that the computers provided by the college are not meant for private reasons such as profit-making, in other words, No student is allowed to sell any type of merchandise using the schools computers. if him/her has any type of business outside of school and decides to conduct that on a school computer they’re breaking hostos computer user policy. While some people find this policy understandable many students can be at risk of getting their computer privileges taken away or worse kicked out because they do not know the hostos computer policy .“You are expected to be familiar with any revisions in regulations” (College Computer Policy). According to Hostos college, we are expected to know the rules and regulations of the computer policy but I believe otherwise, The college should be responsible for educating the students because many students like myself before I did research are clueless.
While some students may find their student email holds a sense of privacy, their sadly very wrong. According to the Hostos email policy, any message a student sends and receives becomes a permanent record even if they delete the message from their account. As a college student, I use my college email a lot to contact professors or my classmates and even though I’m never doing anything malicious or inappropriate I never knew that everything that I’m typing and sending becomes permanent record. But according to hostos, I’m already supposed to know this policy. Stated in the email policy system is “there should be no reasonable expectation of privacy with business and personal use of the college email system.” ( Hostos Email Policy). Hostos expects their students to already know they have no right to privacy when using their student.
Before learning this policy I never knew personal emails were prohibited when using your college email account. I would’ve thought as a college it was their responsibility to let the students who attend the school know everything they're doing with their email is being recorded. Many students should be aware so they are not at risk of accidentally putting the personal information out there if they’re not comfortable or getting in trouble with the school for using their email for personal use .
Another example of that hostos isn't educating their students on their resources technology use for students with “are responsible for providing technical expertise, training, and support in furtherance of ARC’s mission to provide equal access to higher education for students” (Hostos Student Tech Free Plan). I was never aware that a disability plan for disabled students was even a resource, which also has me thinking about students who have also learning disabilities such as myself. And I didn't see much information about the Accessibility Resource which students such as myself being a prime example need to be knowledgeable about.
While doing research about the student technology fee plan I was able to learn a lot of information about our college's technology and the resources that are provided.Such as the copy machines,printers and ipads. The total student technology fee cost is 1,380,903.10 for the year 2019-2020 (Student Technology Fee Plan). This number covers all of the hostos technology resources such as hardware on the computers and board projectors in classrooms as the staff technology costs. One major thing that I didn’t know until looking at the plan as there are three technology tutors in the computer lab. I would like to think that Hostos would want their students to take advantage of every resource that they have to offer considering that money comes from the students tuition so they should take full advantage while they can. but it took me two weeks while doing this assignment to learn all these resources that were never brought to my attention before or after I transferred.
While doing a lot of research looking through the different policies such as Hostos computer policy, student email policy and the student technology plan . Has only confirmed to me that my expectation of Hostos has not been met. Everything I’ve learned while looking over all the policies I have not heard mentioned one at Hostos by the staff or by many of the teachers. Such as the technology teachers in the library or the writing center. Both of these are very helpful resources to help the students advance in their classes but are not being shown to us by the college. I believe it is Hostos job to inform all the students of not only their policies because they are the ones having their privacy invaded and monitored but also show many resources that they have but don’t broadcast to the students. Some students come from out of state and pay more tuition than the ones that live in-state, therefore, it would be beneficial for them to know that they’re getting every resource they can.
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