Marriage Concept - A Descriptive Essay Example

Description: Reading a descriptive essay is a good way to understand any concept. It's time to make the marriage concept clear for everyone.
There's no written law or rule concerning marriage, but for many people entering into it is a logical step. Moreover, in many countries, marriage is equated to the separate stage of life that changes the relationships of two people. However, in a new, liberal world, progressive views on life start dominating. And, as a result, people don't understand what marriage is, and it loses its value.
Apart from this fact, modern people suffer from loneliness. They're busy with studying, work, and home duties that won't leave them free time for walks and personal live. It shouldn't be so.
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The Concept of Marriage

One may say that this topic isn't applicable, and all mature people understand the definition of marriage, its main elements, and its significance. However, numerous polls and statistics at all, say otherwise. The concepts of marriage vary from culture to culture, but there's one thing that can be said with confidence: marriage is what makes couples to become family. And, in many countries, the family is a social unit. So, the correlation is quite understandable. But people still spend lots of money on ceremonies without a proper understanding of why do they need it.
If we try to define marriage, we may say that it's one of the oldest social institutions that can streamline different kinds of relationships between two people. Moreover, in many cultures, it's the only union, made to create the family and reproduction of the population, that's recognized by society. After entering into marriage, people obtain new legal rights and duties and must follow them. The traditional concept of marriage presupposes the monogamous relationship between man and woman; however, this concept may be modified.
It's wrong to think that marriage is recognized only by the registry office or corresponding government institution. Depending on the culture, its duties may be performed by religious authority, a group of people (in tribes), a state, and any local community. In many countries, marriages are recognized both by religious and government authority. It creates obligations to God and the state at the same time.
Marriage is contracted upon a voluntary decision by a man and woman. Love — that's what drives people to enter into a marriage. It's often considered to be the confirmation of man's or woman's serious intentions about the partner. Quite often, people state that if a man or woman got engaged, it doesn't mean that they love each other. But in most cases, it's truly so. One cannot deny the sensitive side of this marriage. Those who don't think about legal issues are driven by their feelings.
It's possible to examine this issue from different directions and sides, but those mentioned above are the most important. Understanding the concept of marriage will help people to avoid snap decisions and mistakes in their future life.