Scholarship Essay Example

The first pillar is Scholarship, an essential piece to the National Honor Society since it is gifted to those that reflect hard work through various activities. By receiving an award for their effort, it shows that their hard work is worth it in the end if they persist and continue to exhibit their strengths. Also, by including it National Honor Society displays that members are dedicated to growing despite whatever hardships occurring in their lives. In my personal life, the idea of a scholarship is not only important to me but a necessity as I need it to attend the college of my choosing without worrying about overwhelming debt. This is especially a key point in my life right now as I am applying to a number of them in the hope that I will earn one so that I do not have to struggle in the future. Scholarships have served as motivation for me to try new things so that I never thought I would be good at and not to be afraid of exploring new options to facing a dilemma.

The next pillar is Leadership, which exhibits that students should take charge in various ways in their lives. By taking the role of a leader, it signifies that a student’s ability to take control of their lives and steer others toward something better as they refuse to be held back and stay on their goal. Also, they can guide the introverted and support them until they become independent themselves. As students participate in a leadership role, they learn to not only consider their wants but also those of their peers and act based on including all of those desires. To me, a leader simply is willing to set others' thoughts equal to their own and indicate that they are significant for making a change in the community.

Service is the third pillar, giving back to the community after it helps students to grow through support. Volunteering is a display of honesty where a person helps because they want to and not because they are obtaining a profit. By choosing to help without the hope of profit can encourage others to volunteer, thus making the place they live better. As a result, this pillar enforces the National Honor Society’s idea to have students appreciate the community and give a hand to those in need. To me, volunteering is refreshing since I like to be busy and it allows me to be useful during my free time. Along with this, the opportunity to see all the effort that goes into making things enjoyable for others and allowed me to be more social with people I do not know.

The last pillar of the National Honor Society is Character is the most revealing of them all. Character as a student means that they are dependable and honest. This is especially important when students are given an award that would otherwise be given to another that displayed a higher form of character. A student’s character shows how they can manage everyday struggles of life and if they are prepared with the hurdles of it. Taking responsibility is the biggest growth in character to me since it shows that someone is willing to be held responsible and depended on because of that. This allows for students to take care of their actions and be organized and independent. 2019-09-08 20:32:48