The Most Important Question Of Your Life

Manson claim in the article "The Most Important Question Of Your Life" I do agree with. His claim informs his readers we must struggle to get to the path of success. In reference , he talks about how happiness requires struggle. Struggling has a positive effect and you can only avoid negative experiences for so long. In life, you have the world made up into good and bad and sometimes the bad out weighs the good . We have to have a little struggle to seek happiness. In struggle we can either choose to fight or quit. If we quit we won't seek the happiness. We won't see the change made in the hard work we have done. To get to the road of Happiness we must put in the work. Manson claim is very agreeable because no matter what we do, want or say we have to put in the work and dedication to see our dream or happiness come through. 

What stood out to me in the article ? Manson says there is a lot of crappy advice out there that says " You've just got to want it enough" but EVERYBODY wants something bad enough. This stood out to me because I understand what Manson is explaining in this part of the article. He is contrasting the difference of wanting something enough verses wanting it "enough". We want love, popularity, fame and money. Who doesn't want that.? The true definition of want and or wanting something is to have a desire to possess or do something. Wanting something could mean you just actually want it but wanting it enough is different. If you want something "enough" you would go through any lengths to get to where and or what you want. See, the saying "You've just got to want it enough" is about striving and preserving. You put in the work to reach your goal. We can easily want something . Like a little girl wants a doll. Is the girl willing to do anything to see that doll is actually her possession? Another example is a fifth grade boy running for class president, is he willing to make speeches. go through debates, make poster to be class president? Wanting something enough is about having power and having ownership. Showing your not afraid to get your hands dirty to see something that you "want enough" form into a masterpiece. 

Words that were considered nice in my opinion were perfect, everyone and or everybody and fantasizing. The first paragraph says " Everybody wants what feels good. Everyone wants to live a carefree,happy and easy life, to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships, to look perfect and make money and be popular and well-respected and admired and a total baller to the point that people part like Red Sea when you walk into the room". The word perfect was considered nice to me because this paragraph describes what basically everyone wants in life and once they have they are perfect. I like how Manson started the article with this paragraph because it starts as showing how everyone thinks that having these items makes them perfect but as you read the rest of the article you understand in order to even get at least one of those things you have to work at it to receive those items. The word perfect shows how nothing isn't necessarily perfect unless you work for it. Another word I thought was nice was everyone and or everybody . Manson uses the words in the article at least nine times. Manson has a voice for his readers. He uses the words everyone or everybody because he wants us to understand the aspect that everyone have wants but we must struggle if we really want that item. Also he uses words like everyone and everybody to have a connection to readers. He thought it would be easy to become a musician for people to admire him and everyone would like to just want something and get it right on the first try but it isn't that easy. Happiness requires struggle. The last word I liked was fantasizing. Everyone has a fantasy . A fantasy of becoming a football player, singer, artist, dancer but we are just in loved with the actual result Manson says. We become "in love" with the idea and not the road of getting there. We can be anything we want to be but in order to be that something we have to struggle. I like how Manson talks about how we can have a desires and fantasizes but we have to come to a decision about it. Do we want to pursue this fantasy? If you do you can't just say " I want to become a nurse" without going to nursing school. A fantasy is a fantasy and real life is real life.

As a writer i believe the author is very sincere in his writing. Manson wrote the article on trying to contact with others. He knows people want certain aspects in life like an amazing job, awesome relationship, money but he tells that in his writing that no matter what you want in life you have to work for it. Manson uses the story of how he fantasized about becoming a musician he was in love with the result. The image of himself on stage, people cheering but he was not in love with process. The daily practicing logistics of finding a group and rehearsing, searching for gigs, getting people to show up, hauling forty pounds of gear that was not what he signed up. He uses his writing in the article to get is readers to understand the overall idea of the article , we must put in actual work the struggle to succeed.